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Dress Space

What you wear is what you are!

If you’ve ever doubted the importance of dressing smart; think again. Changing fashion trends are as compelling as evolution – and survival, is the birthright of the most stylish.
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However, even the most forward fashions often fall flat without a heart and soul to match it. Enter Dress Space!

Dress Space is no flash in the pan, style hub. It is a part of the classic and much revered Vulpinari Company; founded in the 1930’s. Created by Giuseppe Vulpinari, along with his supportive wife Anna Maria; the company became an Italian legend in its own right within a couple of decades since its inception.

Brilliant craftsmanship complimented by a rigorous research process and an expert eye for new trends has contributed greatly to the grand success of the company. Today, Vulpinari has an enviable and truly exquisite collection of women’s knitwear, women fashion accessories, women clothing dresses, men’s fashion accessories; etc. It also has a reputation for creating unmatched ensembles from the finest of fabrics such as silk, wool and lace and enhancing them with pearls and embroideries.

Dress Space is a World Wide Web avatar of everything that Vulpinari stands for. Since its launch in 2007; the website has collaborated and showcased work from emerging talents such as Rick Owens, Nicholas and Mark, Angelos Frentzos and many others. The product of these efforts is an online clothing collection like no other.

Dress Space offers a little something for everyone, with designs carefully chosen to reflect individual trends, different schools of thought, style esthetics, and personal preferences. It provides the discerning, with a truly unique fashion experience that has a larger global identity. The site is also the premier online destination for men clothing on sale and men clothing on wholesale.

A typical Dress Space customer is someone who’s cosmopolitan, cultured, and willing to transcend all barriers- whether physically or geographically. Needless to say, Dress Space is the perfect platform to serve the fashion forward in every corner of the globe, with universally appealing garments.
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Designers at Dress Space

Nicholas & Mark: Hailing from Camden, this designer duo has turned their contrasting personalities into a united force to be reckoned with. Their complementary styles have lead them to create garments that are both metropolitan and contemporary. Their women’s clothing fashion sensibilities suit ladies who enjoy timeless pieces that can be worn as effortlessly in the future as it is today.

Style Icon: Kate Moss

Rick Owens: Rick Owens clothing has a bit of an edge about it. Clothes on offer from this fashion brand are both futuristic and minimalistic. In recent years, Rick Owens knitwear – especially, Rick Owen’s woman’s’ knitwear- has become a household name of sorts with people who truly understand fashion. Rick Owen’s men clothing is also available; i.e.; when it’s not sold out.

Style icon: Rihanna

Angelos Frentzos: this designer of Greek origins is renowned for his strong looks in silk and voile. Romantic and fresh; his designs are meant for the modern woman with passion in her soul. His collections are always one of the biggest draws for those seeking truly elegant women clothing online.

Style icon: Madonna
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Dress Space also showcases several men clothing brands from acclaimed men clothing designers. Visitors can choose from a wide range of garments including men clothing jackets, etc. So if you’re looking for top notch men clothing online; look no further than Dress Spa

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